Studio and Outdoor Lighting Workshop with John Wallace

Learn all about lighting your subject with the best light by using stobes and constant lighting systems, plus a range of light modifiers (softboxes, reflectors, etc). This workshop is for all skill levels of photographers, you do not need to know anything about flash photography, but you will get a lot more out of it if you know how to use your camera on the manual settings. We will go through the basics of using artificial light on your subject, and the technical aspects of getting it all to work, through to more advanced lighting techniques. There will be a number of lighting systems available, and you will be able to experiment with the different effect from each one, and find the look you are after.

Date: Saturday 24th June 2017

Time: 3pm

Location: To Be Confirmed

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The lighting workshop will be run by experienced photographer John Wallace. John has been a commercial photographer in Sydney for over 20 years, has worked for nearly every major camera manufacturer, has run his own camera store in Sydney CBD, and is currently the NSW Industrial Sales manager at CR Kennedy. John’s camera kit includes the 100MP Hasselblad H6D and the latest compact from Hasselblad the X1D, which he will bring along for the day. Even with all of these amazing digital cameras, John has never lost his love of film, and you will find him shooting on numerous old film cameras and processing the negatives at home.

Available on the day will be a number of different lighting systems including the Bowens Gemini range of flash heads, plus the new battery powered XMT500, as well as different continuous lighting systems. A range of light modifiers will be available to try, including umbrellas, softboxes, Octaboxes, strip boxes, beauty dishes, reflectors also different grids, snoots, gels, barn doors and other light modifiers. John will demonstrate how each modifier works and what effects are possible, and you will have ample time to try out all of the lighting systems and equipment yourself.

Topics covered include:

  • Quality of light and how it effects your subject
  • Strobes – how they work with the sync speed of your camera and using HSS (High Speed Sync)
  • Continuous Lights – using LED, Tungsten and Flourescent lights
  • Light Modifiers – what types are available and what effect do they have on the light.
  • Various modifiers include umbrellas, softboxes, Octaboxes, strip boxes, beauty dishes, reflectors also different grids and gels
  • Indoor Lighting – Control the lighting on your subject and the on the background, create low or high key portraits, lighting ratios, etc
  • Outdoor Lighting – Mixing ambient and flash lighting, using HSS for wide aperture photos in bright light.
  • Basics of Flash photography including sync speed, lighting ratios, etc.


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