The Fine Art of Digital Printing with Les Walkling

25th June 2017, 9:30am – 5:00pm – $260

Location: TBA

Dr. Les Walkling
The Fine Art of Digital Printing

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9.30 am Ink and Paper
• Photographic: Resin coated & microceramic papers
• Fine Art: Cotton rag & alpha cellulose papers
• Fine Art Photography: Baryta papers
• Dye vs. pigment vs. chromogenic inksets
• Ultrachrome inksets: K1, K2 and K3 with Advanced B&W Photo
• Small gamut and quad black inksets. Continuous ink systems

11.00 am Tea break
11.30 am Preparing a Digital Fine Print
• Editing RGB and CMYK images for printing
• Defining and refining print luminosity
• Control of global hue, chroma, brightness, & contrast
• Control of local hue, chroma, brightness, & contrast
• Increasing print depth and dimensionality
• Creative sharpening vs. output sharpening

1.00 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Printing a Digital Fine Print
• Calculating file sizes – native printer resolutions
• Printer profiles and gamut compression – how and when?
• Soft proofing and hard proofing
• Working with OEM printer drivers
• Alternative printer drivers and professional RIPs
• Printing BW images and metamerism issues

3.00 Tea break
3.30 pm Working with Labs and Remote Printers
• What are the issues; lab websites & instructions
• Soft proofing lab output and lab printer profiles
• Printing B&W images at commercial labs
• Collaborating with boutique labs and ‘master printers’
• Digital assessment management, and storing/archiving digital prints
• Archival Data: (light, dark, and gas fading

5.00 pm Conclude

Dr. Les Walkling